Wuxi Tianyang Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. takes research as guide, and has close cooperation with a number of research institutes in China based on dry technology. We are engaged in the self-development, exploration and innovation, development and production of various types of spray-drying equipment. Our products are mainly applied in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, ceramics, biological, environmental protection, and dozens of paper-making industries. With laboratory spray-drying process, we provide clients with small, medium and test materials in order to help customers choose the drying equipment reasonably.
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Since Tianyang establishment, Its has been committed to becoming a leading and respected flocking machine R&D and production-oriented enterprise. at present, the products are sold to the global market, covering the United States, Australia, Southeast Asia and many provinces in China.
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January 2012, under the joint efforts of all the ...
Our company cooperates with many domestic scienti...
In the development of drying equipment, attention...

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In order to ensure the cleaning of the drying tow...
Spray drying equipment is a continuous type of at...
In the field of modern industry, there are many p...
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Our products have passed international and domestic product certification
ISO9001 quality management system certification, with a number of patents
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