Electronic Materials Centrifugal Spray Granulation Dryer
Model: LX-550;Material: SUS304, SUS316L;Max. Water Evaporation Capacity: 550kg/h;Heating Method: Electricity + steam, fuel oil, gas, up to the user.

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Brand Name: TIANYANG

Type: Heat Sensitive Electronic Spray Drying Equipment

Model: LX-550

Material: SUS304, SUS316L

Max. Water Evaporation Capacity: 550kg/h

Heating Method: Electricity + steam, fuel oil, gas, up to the user.

Applications: Electronic material, ceramics, magnetic materials, new energy materials, new metal materials, chemicals, etc.

Warranty: 1 year

Product Description

LX-Series heat sensitive electronic materials centrifugal spray granulation dryer is mainly higher solids content of the slurry through the high-speed centrifugal spray granulation, after the dried productcircular spherical, free-flowing good, it can quickly fill the film, residual moisture centent and bulk specific gravity constant good and suitable for and isostatic molding products using a mold pressing than manual and mechanical granulation with a long life. Pressed out of the product consistency, smooth finish.

LX-Series electronic centrifugal spray granulation drying equipment has been widely used in ceramics, ferrite, powder metallurgy and other industries of the material particles centrifugal granulation special requirements, the requirements of the particle size can be adjusted to the optimum value of the distribution curve, distribution its main technical performance indicators are can reach the world advanced level, the basic realization of automatic control, the device is a key component of the design in a leading position in the same type of equipment.

Main Technical Parameter



Max. Water Evaporation Capacity (kg/h)



SUS304, SUS316L

Inlet Temperature (℃)


Out Temperature (℃)


Spray Type

High Speed Centrifugal Atomizer


Electronic material, ceramics, magnetic materials, new energy materials, new metal materials, chemicals, etc.

Atomization Rotated Speed (RPM)


Spray Disc Diameter (mm)


Heating Method

Oil, natural gas, coal gas, liquefied gas, marsh gas, coalmine, steam, electricity, etc.

Remarks: Water evaporation capacity depends on material property, solid content, inlet & outlet temperature.

Main Features

* Fast speed drying, high efficient.

* Can handle feed liquor in high concentration and high viscosity.

* Can get product in small content, good dispersibility, mobility and solution.

* Good degree of sphericity, excellent particle distribution, can adjust the particle diameter.

* Simplify production process, convenient operation control, can control production continuously.


Q1: What equipment do we provide?

Centrifugal spray granulator dryer.

Pressure spray granulator dryer.

Centrifugal spray dryer.

 • Melting spray-cold air solidification granulator dryer.

Spray dryers and granulators using non-aqueous liquid as the processing vehicle.

Customized equipment to meet your special needs.

Q2: What our equipment can do?

Can dry thermal sensitive materials and retain the powders' reactivity.

Can produce spheres of solid, hollow, porous and microporous.

Can produce spheres of mini and micro sizes.

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