Chinese Medical Extract Spray Drying Equipment
Model: LT-500;Material: SUS304, SUS316L, Ti;Max. Water Evaporation Capacity: 500kg/h;Heating Method: Electricity + steam, fuel oil, gas, up to the user.

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Brand Name: TIANYANG

Type: Chinese Medicine Extract Spray Dryer

Model: LT-500

Material: SUS304, SUS316L, Ti

Max. Water Evaporation Capacity: 500kg/h

Heating Method: Electricity + steam, fuel oil, gas, up to the user.

Applications: Medicine processing, chemicals processing, plastics processing, food processing, etc.

Warranty: One year

Product Description

Quick drying of thermal-sensitive material have troubled R&D staffs for years. Ordinary drying equipment has heavy impact on material property or structure, featuring long time in chilling and drying, low in efficiency, being lump after drying with two-step grinding needed.

Given such factors as strong thermal-sensitivity, low aridity, low softening point and strong moisture absorption on materials in industry of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medical, food and biological material, the corresponding process through continuous efforts of R&D staffs, we developed a new type of Chinese medical extract spray drying equipment.

LT-Series special Chinese medicine extract spray dryer can solve the problems in thermal-sensitive drying that R&D staff are faced with, the damages to material activity and structure during drying were avoided to as much as possible extent. This centrifugal spray drying process has been proved very convenient and efficient for thermal-sensitive material such as extract of animals and plants, fermentation broth, bacterial cells, enzyems and other thermal-sensitive ingredients, which are widely applied in the fields of pharmaceuticals, foods and chemical factory. This unique Chinese medicine extract centrifugal spray dryer has got a good reputation domestically and overseas.

LT-500 spray drying machine for traditional medicine extract adopts PLC automatic control. All operations are completed automatically according to the process parameters set by users. It fully meets the requirements for Chinese medicine extract production in GMP.

Technical Specifications



Max. Water Evaporation Capacity (kg/h)



SUS304, SUS316L, Ti

Inlet Temperature (℃)


Out Temperature (℃)


Spray Type

High Speed Centrifugal Atomizer


Medicine processing, chemicals processing, plastics processing, food processing, etc.

Transmission Form of Centrifugal Spray Head

Mechanical transmission

Atomization Rotated Speed (RPM)


Spray Disc Diameter (mm)


Heating Method

Electricity + steam, fuel oil, gas, up to the user.

Electric Heating Maximum Power (KW)


Dimensions (L×W×H) mm


Dry Powder Recovery


Main Features

* Drying in quick speed.

* Product in good quality.

* Good performance in dispersity, liquidity and solubility.

* Simplified process and convenient operation.

* Cooling jacket system between drying chamber wall and roof against sticking in chamber wall.

* Air rotation sweep system inside drying chamber wall, to eliminate or reduce possibility of sticking in chamber wall.

* Dehumidification air cooling technology applied in powered-collection system to protect product form lump and easy for package.

* Conform to GMP national standard, air cleanness in contact with material up to 100000 grade and mirror-like inner wall in contact with material.

Main Parts of Chinese Medicine Extract Spray Dryer

Name: Spray Disc

Brand: FESTO

Original: Germany

Domestic famous engines, strong driving force, low fuel consumption, high economic benefits 12F+4R sliding sleeve shift.

Name: High-speed Centrifugal Atomizer

This centrifugal atomizer is specially designed and manufactured for ceramic, medical and electronic industries, which is the best choice for granulation of materials, and has features of wearing-proof and easy assembly and disassembly.

Packing & Delivery

Size: 1.8m (L) * 1.3m (W) * 2.2m (H)

Weight: 500kg

Packaging Details: The normal package is wooden box(L: 1.8m W:1.3m H:2.2m). If export to European countries, the wooden box will be fumigated. If container is too higher, we will use PE film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.

Our Service

* Pre-Sales Service

* Inquiry and consulting support.

* Sample testing support.

* View our factory.

* After-Sales Service

* Training how to install the machine, training how to use the machine.

* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

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