Titanium Dioxide Centrifugal Spray Dryer
Model: LT-2000;Material: SUS304, SUS316L, Ti;Max. Water Evaporation Capacity: 2000kg/h;Heating Method: Electricity + steam, fuel oil, gas, up to the user.

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Brand Name: TIANYANG

Type: Titanium Dioxide Spray Dryer

Model: LT-2000

Material: SUS304, SUS316L, Ti

Max. Water Evaporation Capacity: 2000kg/h

Heating Method: Electricity + steam, fuel oil, gas, up to the user.

Applications: Inorganic chemicals processing, medicine processing, plastics processing, food processing, etc.

Warranty: One year

Product Description

LT-2000 Series titanium dioxide centrifugal spray dryer is specially built for industrialization of titanium white industry research and development, its characteristic is a new type of highly efficient dry process equipment, it can make moisture content 40-90% of the solution, emulsion, suspending liquid, molten liquid or cream paste, by spray drying, usually in a few seconds to tens of seconds 95-98% of moisture evaporation, to meet the requirements of the production of powder, granule, hollow ball or granular products.

LT-2000 Titanium dioxide spray drying equipment adopts PLC automatic control. All operations are completed automatically according to the process parameters set by users. It fully meets the requirements for inorganic chemicals production in GMP.

Composition of Titanium Dioxide Spray Drying Machine

By spray dryer tower, centrifugal atomizer, centrifugal fan, heater feed systems, cabinet and other components.

Working Principle

Air through the heater into the hot air into the centrifugal spray drying machine device, in the drying chamber at the top of the hot air distributor, and then evenly into the drying chamber, and spiraling spin, at the same time will be sent to the device of material liquid centrifugal atomizer at the top of a drying chamber, spray the material liquid into tiny fog droplets, make contact with hot air and flow of material liquid, moisture evaporate quickly.

Technical Specifications of Fermented Liquid Spray Dryer



Max. Water Evaporation Capacity (kg/h)



SUS304, SUS316L, Ti

Inlet Temperature (℃)


Out Temperature (℃)


Spray Type

High Speed Centrifugal Atomizer


Inorganic chemicals processing, medicine processing, plastics processing, food processing, etc.

Transmission Form of Centrifugal Spray Head

Mechanical transmission

Atomization Rotated Speed (RPM)


Spray Disc Diameter (mm)


Heating Method

Electricity + steam, fuel oil, gas, up to the user.

Electric Heating Maximum Power (KW)


Dimensions (L×W×H) mm


Dry Powder Recovery


Main Features

* Fast drying, significantly increased after spraying the surface area of material liquid, in the hot air flow, moment can be 95% - 98% of moisture evaporation. Complete drying time by 5 - 15s, have the characteristics of instantaneous drying.

* Special wind device, reduce the resistance of equipment, and provide the effective dryer with the wind.

* Production process is simple, suitable for continuous control production, 40-90% of the liquid moisture content, a dry powder, reduce the crushing, screening and other processes to improve product purity.

* Material to complete the drying process in a short time, suitable for drying of thermal sensitive material, can keep the material color, aroma and taste.

* Products dispersion, fluidity, good solubility, product particle size, loose degree, moisture within a certain range can be adjusted.

Range of Application

* Chemical Industry: Titanium dioxide, sodium fluoride (potassium), alkaline dyestuff pigment, dyestuff intermediate, compound fertilizer, formaldehyde silicic acid, catalyst, sulphuric acid agent, amino acid, white carbon black, etc.

* Ceramic Industry: Aluminium oxide, ceramic tile material, magnesium oxide, talcum powder, etc.

* Food Industry: Dense fat milk powder, lancet protein, cocoa powder, emulsion and pig blood meal, etc.

* Food and Plants: Oats, chicken juice, coffee, instant tea, flavor spices meat, protein, soybean, peanut protein, hydrolysate and so on.

* Three Sugars: Corn starch, corn starch, glucose, pectin, malt sugar, potassium sorbate, etc.

* Plastic Resin: AB, ABS emulsion, urine aldehyde resin, phenolic resin, rubber, urea formaldehyde resin, polyethylene, polyvinyl fluoride, etc.

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