How to clean the spray drying equipment?
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In order to ensure the cleaning of the drying tower and its pipes and all the parts contacted with the finished products and get first-class products, regular cleaning equipment is very necessary. When the product variety is changed, or the spray drying equipment has been discontinued for more than 24h and not cleaned, a thorough and thorough cleaning should be made.

The cleaning method can be dry cleaning, wet cleaning or chemical cleaning according to the actual situation.
Dry cleaning: clean with brush and vacuum cleaner (suitable for small dryer).
Wet washing: use 60 ~ 80 ℃ hot water for cleaning.
Chemical washing: cleaning with alkali, acid and various detergents. Among them, acid washing: HNO3 is prepared into a solution of 1 ~ 2% concentration, and then washed with water when the heating temperature is not more than 65 ℃; alkaline washing: NaOH is prepared into a solution of 0.5 ~ 1% concentration, and the heating temperature is not more than 65 ℃ for washing, and then the water is used for cleaning.
After wet washing and chemical washing, the equipment and parts should be installed and sterilized at high temperature for 15-30 minutes.
When cleaning, be careful not to wash with chlorine and its compounds.
The air filter should be cleaned according to the ambient conditions, i.e. the dust content in the air. Generally, the air filter should be cleaned once every 3 ~ 6 weeks and the low dust content should be cleaned once every 6 ~ 8 weeks. The stainless steel filaments should be evenly laid in the frame of the air filter after being washed by alkali washing method, and sprayed with light spindle oil or vacuum pump

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